Property Management in Turkey

Property management is the most important thing after buying a property in a foreign country. Many investors who are considering entering the Turkish real estate market are unsure of how to proceed, some of them are taking the approach to invest individually, but the others find the process hard and not secure, so instead of that, they are choosing to partner with a specialized real estate investment management company that offers important advantages over individual work.

Real estate investment management can provide investors with access to markets that they find difficult to find or enter, provide high-quality management and distinctive advice, and provide joint investment options to facilitate new investors in what companies with full experience do. The high return on investments you can guarantee it by starting with the right property management!

1.Real Estate Maintenance Services

Property management service includes following up on the regular maintenance of the building, and the necessary repairs, such as electrical and plumbing installations, heating pipes, water tanks, and others.

2.Paying Monthly Dues to the Compound’s Management

The property management team at Almas Property can also follow up the payment of fees for shared services to the management of the residential or commercial compound, which is known as: Monthly Dues in Turkey.

3.Payment of Real Estate Bills

Our property management services also include paying the periodic bills on time, to avoid any interruptions in the service, such as electricity, water, natural gas bills, landline and mobile phone bills and internet subscriptions for your property in Turkey.

4.Real Estate Investment Services in Turkey

Our reliable property management packages include renting your property in Turkey, under a legal power of attorney to authorize us to rent the property on your behalf. Once we receive the rental income from the tenant, we transfer it to the owner on a periodic basis, or deposit it in his bank account in Turkey.

We are also pleased to provide the best advice on resale opportunities for your property in Turkey.

When it comes to property management services in Turkey, you need to put your trust in reliable hands. At Almas Property, we do our utmost effort to serve you efficiently, meet your aspirations, and earn your trust in everything related to buying real estate in Turkey, handling your business affairs, as well as optimizing your real estate investment!