2 Baths
3+1 , 4+1 Bedrooms
200 Sqft
InvestmentOff - Plan
12 months ago

about the area: 
The Riva Creek, which was abandoned by the Greeks during the Ottoman period and then called the Çayağzı Creek by the immigrants from the Eastern Black Sea Region. Giving life to many living things with its depth, the Riva Stream is actually the water of life that meets the water needs of millions of Istanbulites with its kilometers long. It is possible to cool off on its beaches, or to breathe in its clean air. It is possible to fish in its deep waters, or to take a vacation on its shores. A corner of untouched paradise, within this much of Istanbul and natural life…

Have you heard of pseudomaki? A maquis genus consisting of more woody plant communities with a humid character. The dominant vegetation of the Riva. When you come to Riva, you will encounter many plants like these that you have not even heard of. You touch many new types of trees. This is what makes Beykoz different. This land gives life to so many plants… It is so fertile…

One of the most important centers of glass art in Beykoz, famous for its glasswork, is Riva. This ancient art, thought to have been lost over time, is still alive and well in its entirety thanks to the Glass Furnace Foundation and the Glass Art Center in Riva. There are new discoveries and excitements in glass workshops every day, every moment. Glass art breathes in Riva, future artists are trained in Riva

Features List

Bedrooms: 3+1 , 4+1
Payment Plan: 50%12
Bathes: 2
Quality Rate: A+
Number Of Buildings: 13
Handover Date: 2023
Garage: 2
Area: 200
Property Type: Villas
Kitchens: 2
Min - Max m2: 200-700


  • Swimming Pool
  • Security
  • Parking
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Turkish Bath
freehold Title Deed Type
available Schools
available Shopping Malls

Property Location

Istanbul / beykoz

Agent Listing

Mustafa Almas Property

Mustafa Almas Property

Property & investment Expert
+90 551 057 ****** show
Yeşilköy, Bakırköy/İstanbul
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