Extracting Tax Number in Turkey

The Tax Number In Turkey, Almas Property Explains The Importance And The Process For Extracting It

The “tax number”, or what is known in Turkish as “Vergi Numrasi“, is one of the important and required matters in many real estate, legal and other transactions, in government institutions and departments in Turkey.

To continuously deliver information and benefit to its clients inside and outside Turkey, Almas Property Company, headquartered in the city of Istanbul, is trying to answer, through materials and reports published on its official website, or on its accounts on social media platforms; about all questions related to the real estate and tourism sector and the necessary documents to complete any transaction in these two sectors and other related sectors.

In this article, Almas Property will provide a detailed explanation of the “tax number”, the process for extracting it, in addition to a set of tips on using this number.

Tax Number

  • It is a nine-digit number assigned to individuals to carry out all financial business in Turkey.
  • It is obtained through the nearest Tax Department in any city in Turkey.
  • It is important in many different official and legal transactions.
  • Can be obtained by foreign people who do not have Turkish citizenship.
  • Required in order to open a bank account in any Turkish bank.
  • Required for opening gas, electricity, and water utilities and meters.
  • Required to pay the residence fee.
  • Required in real estate ownership and investment of all kinds.
  •  Important in paying taxes of all kinds.
  •  It is included in a car purchase transaction or any activity that has a financial legal capacity in Turkey

In this regard, the lawyer, “Majd Tabaa”, a real estate consultant who resides in Istanbul, told Almas Property: “Extracting the tax number is very easy from any tax department in Turkey, and requires the person’s presence in order to fill out the required forms and papers. Which includes information such as the passport number, the residence address, and signature, and after it is handed over to the concerned employee, the tax number is obtained,” stressing that “the procedures of extracting the tax number are very fast and only takes a few minutes.”

He added, “In the event of losing the tax number, the Tax Department is asked to retrieve the number again, and all this is done easily and quickly.”

Almas Property assures its clients that “extracting the tax number in Turkey does not require a residence permit, as it is sufficient to have a passport or a copy of a rental contract notarized by the notary.”

“Almas Property” draws attention to the fact that those whose passports have expired, and those who do not have a document that proves their residential address in detail, are not entitled to obtain a “tax number”.

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