As Almas Property, we have been providing real estate investment consultancy services since 2017 with a sales network spread throughout Turkey and a wide real estate portfolio.

As a team that does its job with passion, we base our stance in the real estate sector on dynamic, innovative, and reliable foundations. In this process, we adopt new technologies that are constantly developing and we take care to use more effective and efficient ways while doing our work.

Today, we are proud to have more than 200 projects, especially in Istanbul, in our portfolio. With the investment consultancy and immigration services we provide as a company, we have a large family of more than 100 business partners around the world.


We offer a new generation real estate consultancy service to our customers with an understanding that embraces the precious values ​​of the country and knows the geography they live in very well. Within the scope of the services we offer to our customers; we provide full support in all aspects including trading, investment, investment management, after-sales support, and even citizenship of the Republic of Turkey.

We are proud of being one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey as a result of our professional real estate consultants and the consultancy services we provide with the effect of new generation marketing techniques. In this direction, as Almas Property, we are moving forward with firm steps with the passion of bringing innovations to the sector and making a difference.

As Almas Property, your satisfaction is our priority, so we will continue to move forward to provide you with a service beyond your expectations.

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What are Almas Property’s Services During Sales?

Almas Property offers the following services to its customers during the sale:

  • 7/24 Real Estate Consulting,
  • Call center service in 7 different languages,
  • Professional field sales team service in 7 different languages,
  • VIP Transportation service,
  • Legal support for citizenship application procedures,
  • After-sales service, including opening a bank account, obtaining a tax number, title deed, rental, and resale,
  • Guaranteed and fast commission payment,
  • Brings customers together with its product variety
  • Offers a wide range of products such as commercial, residential, and investment purposes projects suitable for a citizenship application to the customer in the service process
  • Strict relationship management,
  • Rapid response and crisis management.

What is Almas Property After Sales Services?

As Almas Property, we provide you with full after-sales support. Our sales consultants are actively dealing with all kinds of needs of our customers during the sales process and after the sale. In this process, as Almas Property, we offer a comprehensive service to our customers, from obtaining a tax number to opening a bank account to providing support in paperwork and procedure processes for citizenship transactions if they wish. In addition, we provide support and legal consultancy services with our legal department for all these processes. Our Real Estate Group After Sales Department supports you in property management and related matters. The after-sales support you may need for the rental or resale of your properties if required is within the scope of the after-sales services provided by our company. In addition, these services are to be provided to our customers without any extra charge.